NEIS Continues To Grow … Check Out NEIS Today

NEIS, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of McGuffey & Associates, LLC. The highly experienced staff of McGuffey and Associates adds to the already expanding 24 state coverage area for physical audits and loss control services of NEIS. With the acquisition, NEIS adds physical audit and loss control coverage within the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, increasing the coverage area of NEIS to 28 states.

With Commercial Insurance Loss Control Inspections … You Get What You Pay For! … Some Firms Are Cheap!

As CRMKC grows, I find myself giving serious consideration to the direction I want the company to take.  We work with numerous clients and perform a variety of risk management services, from basic loss control inspections to in-depth workers compensation reviews.  Large or small, we give full focus to every job, and over-deliver at every opportunity.  We’ve built a reputation of providing quality, timely services, and are known for being thorough.  We don’t believe in cutting corners, and, as a result, we’ve become selective about who we work with. We never want to turn away business, but we also refuse to compromise our standards.

Quality still trumps quantity at CRMKC.  Always will.

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