Make Detailed Inspections … Make Great Recommendations … Companies Will Send You More Work

The splash guards installed on these fryers are not high enough to provide adequate protection between the fryer and grill. If there is less than 16” between the fryer and open flames, an 8-inch tall metal baffle, splash guard, or tempered glass plate should be installed between the fryer and the open flames.

Damaged smoke detectors can be just as dangerous as not having one. Submit recommendations for inspection and repair of any detectors observed in less than good condition.

This ice machine was observed to be leaking, and water was pooling in the hallway. Pooling water not only presents a slip and fall hazard, but can also present a risk of shock if near electrical power.

Always point out missing smoke detectors. The base won’t save a life

Hazardous Mold Found In A Large Commercial Property

A few months ago I inspected a large commercial property which had been vacant for several years.  The building smelled of mildew and old water stains were visible, but there was no obvious sign of mold.  I was coughing before I left the property, and was experiencing upper respiratory symptoms within an hour of leaving the property. I had no visual evidence of mold, but recommended a mold inspection based upon the odor and my symptoms afterward.  The inspection did reveal mold in the building.   In this particular photo, the bottom level of an apartment building had flooded.  The minute we opened the door and saw the stains, I took one photo and backed out of the building. Some are more sensitive to mold than others, but this is a hazard that can have serious health consequences.