Fuses: Remove & Replace With Circuit Breakers Recommended

I don’t see many fuse boxes in the field, but ran across this last week in a rental property.  The recommendation is always to remove and replace with circuit breakers sufficient to handle modern draw.


2 thoughts on “Fuses: Remove & Replace With Circuit Breakers Recommended

  1. Why replace? Recommend Type “S” adapters and appropriate fuse amperage’s or mini screw in fuse breakers as per NEC 70. Saves the customer $’s-YES. LC recommendation should be based on common sense, In LC for 40 years come Oct


  2. Mr. Law I served in the Navy like yourself but as an Electronics Tech. After the service I took additional training and worked in electronics for over 35 years. It is a misnomer to say that screw in fuses do not handle the current that modern breakers do. The problem is the tendency for someone to not have the correct value fuse on hand and overfuse the circuit to “get it back on!” or even worse dummys would put an penny behind the fuse which is in essence a “no blow Nail” causing a circuit fire. Fuses are superior to breakers in the speed in which they act and their constant and reliable protection at an known value of current, If used properly.


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