Do You Really Know Commercial Insurance Loss Control? … Or Are You Just Faking It?


Are you ready to move to a higher level? Do you have real loss control training … or are you just faking it … you’re a picture taker? You think you are a shark … but, maybe you are really a goldfish. Are you strong and powerful with a strong mind? Knowledge means more money. Anyone can take photos … today’s cameras auto-focus and automatically set the exposure … your customer will tell you where to point and shoot. Do you have the training background? Become the expert and make more money in 2016. Become a real professional. Move to higher levels. Make more money.

I am finishing up this week the final editing of the NEW 2016 Commercial Insurance Loss Control Inspection training course. The 258-page training manual is NEW. The videos are NEW. The videos were recorded over 3 days in February 2016 at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The short 6-minute video clip below is extracted from 684 minutes (11.4 hours) of edited and condensed NEW training videos. You can read the NEW 258-page training manual again, again and again. You can watch the 684 minutes of NEW videos again, again and again. You can learn at your pace and this reference material will be available to you whenever you need it … now or later. Move to a higher level … love your interesting job … and make more money in 2016.

Call Richard Law at (321) 543-2809 … east coast … if you want to chat about loss control inspections or order the NEW training manual and/or NEW training videos.


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