Some Loss Control Inspectors Are Just Programmed Photo Takers


What type of wiring is shown in the photo below? What is it called? Does it meet current electrical safety codes. What recommendation would you put in your loss control field report? Are you more of a photographer than you are a loss control inspector?

Knob & Tube

The photos shows knob and tube (K&T) wiring. Currently, the United States National Electrical Code forbids the use of loose, blown-in, or expanding foam insulation over K&T wiring. This is because K&T is designed to let heat dissipate to the surrounding air. As a result, energy efficiency upgrades that involve insulating previously uninsulated walls usually also require replacement of the wiring in affected homes. However, California, Washington, Nebraska, and Oregon have modified the NEC to conditionally allow insulation around K&T. They did not find a single fire that was attributed to K&T, and permit insulation provided the home first passes inspection by an electrician.

As existing K&T wiring gets older, insurance companies may deny coverage due to a perception of increased risk. K&T wiring needs to be reported.

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