Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning Schedules


Look at the photo. Is this a wet system or a dry system? The nozzles in the photo tell the story.

The frequency of inspections shall be as follows: (1) Solid fuel cooking operations shall be inspected monthly. (2) High volume cooking operations such as 24-hour, charbroiling or wok shall be inspected quarterly. (3) Moderate cooking volumes shall be inspected semiannually. (4)Low volume cooking operations such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers shall be inspected annually.

If upon inspection, the system is found to be contaminated with deposits, the entire system shall be cleaned. When a cleaning service is used, a certificate showing the date of inspection or cleaning shall be maintained on the premises. A label is to be placed in the kitchen area by the cleaning contractor showing the name of the company and the date of cleaning. READ MORE >>>>

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