Which Road Should I Take? Research Opportunities & Then Decide


 Great Insurance Jobs says the mean average salary for loss control professionals is $66,790 per year.  Highly Protected Risk (HPR) specialists can average about $115,000 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that occupational health and safety experts average about $69,210 per year  … $33.27 per hour.

You can’t say today that you are a loss control inspector and be one tomorrow. Everyone starts at an entry-level with training and then works on gaining the experience. You are not a loss control inspector when you take some photos for someone else to analyze. A “real” loss control inspector evaluates the risk and writes the complete report.

Do your own research and decide what road you are going to travel in 2016. Check out the February 2016 Cape Canaveral, Florida training at www.sofistore.com. Check out the training manuals and the video training.

For a comparison, the average starting pay for a first officer in the regional airline industry is $23,000, according to the Air Line Pilots Association. It costs $30,000+ for the initial training (Private + Instrument + Commercial + ATP) to become a first officer.

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